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Experience a Master Stylist - April 27th and 28th! Zahir Ziani at Dessange at Tiba Nu!



Make Your Appointment Now to Experience the Vibrant, Dramatic, 
Cutting-Edge, Creative Energy of a 
Master Hair Stylist…

• Runway stylist for Elie Saab, Emerson, Diane von Furstenberg and others.
• Contributor to Oprah Magazine, Brides and People Style Watch.
• Ranked among the top 50 most influential stylist in the global market. 
• • • Winner of the prestigious 2011 North American “Fashion Forward” award.
• Creative Director & Master Stylist 
at Red Door Spas at NYC’s Fifth Ave. store.
• Member of the renowned Dessange Paris VIP stylist team.

Clients: Shakira, Diana Krall, Gisele, 
Christian Slater and a fiercely loyal clientele.

Zahir and master colorist, Fryda Herrera will be accepting a limited number of appointments on April 27th and 28th!

Book Now…. for Mother’s Day…. Spring/Summer Weddings…. The Swan Ball… Father’s Day… 
& All the Upcoming “Splurge-Worthy” Events!!!

Call 615-269-5121 to schedule your appointment!

Fact: Did you know? 
According The Wall Street Journal (10/27/11) “good looks” is a 
career boost! 
“Good-looking people charm 
interviewers, get hired faster, are more likely to make more sales and 
get more raises.” 
How much more? 
Attractive individuals are likely to earn an average of 3-4% more. 
Or $230,000 over their lifetime.
Of course, hair & makeup is the most personal statement in beauty & style.



The “art” of hair extensions at Dessange at Tiba Nu.


As a model, spokesperson and TV host, Jenna King knows a lot about looking amazing! She sought out elite hairstylist, Yamen Dak, at our Dessange salon, to create this look for her, featuring gorgeous hair extensions. Yamen has an extraordinary talent and enthusiasm for bringing out each client’s best look and he is a true “artist” with hair extensions! From subtle to bold, extensions provide natural volume and length, and allow you to experiment with a new look! Call (615) 269-5121 for an appointment!

Jenna is also the reigning Miss Alabama All-Star United States and a contestant for Miss Alabama USA 2014. We wish her good luck in this year’s pageant!




What can you do to lead a stronger, healthier life – and slow down the signs of aging?

Changes in your lifestyle and using the right nutritional supplements can lead to a longer and healthier life! Supplements can help prevent the effects of aging on the inside and outside of the body.


Pycnogenol - A multi-modal defense against aging!
A natural plant extract containing health-giving molecules that act synergistically on five of the major processes that cause your skin and body to age too quickly. • Restore skin health and vitality • Reduces the risk of age-related diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, cognitive decline, and arthritis

SeroVital-hgh - It has been called the “Fountain of Youth”!
A specialized blend of amino acids designed to raise HGH levels, this supplement has been associated with • wrinkle reduction • decreased body fat, increased lean muscle mass, stronger bones, improved mood, heightened sex drive and making users feel DECADES younger

GlycemicPro Transglucosidase - Supports normal insulin and hemoglobin A1C
Consuming this enzyme with starchy meals helps avoid the flood of glucose into the bloodstream that results from eating carbohydrates. Helps maintain healthy blood glucose, cholesterol, and insulin levels for those whose levels are already in the normal range.

B-12 Dots  - For natural energy production
A great complex to help overcome B-12 vitamin deficiencies. Helps maintain healthy nerve cells, red blood cells, and plays an important role in natural energy production.

CoQ10  - Promotes healthy heart function
CoQ10 is an important antioxidant found in nearly every cell of the body. Since levels tend to decrease as we age, CoQ10 can assist in energy production and support heart health.

Stop by Tiba Nu to find out which supplements may enhance your health and beauty. (Always receive 10% off on any of the supplement purchases at Tiba Nu)



Feel like a movie star!

For over 25 years, DESSANGE has been the exclusive and official partner to the Cannes Film Festival!
 For the very first time and during the entire festival, DESSANGE offered a unique experience to the Cannes public: glamorous and “must-have” hairstyles, on a complimentary basis and in less then 30 minutes, to make festival goers feel like real movie stars!

Call Tiba Nu to make your appointment with one of our talented hair designers from Dessange Paris! 615.690.6100




Tiba Nu is introducing the Absolu NuFACE ® non-invasive lifting and toning system!

Improves your appearance by stimulating the layers below the skin using microcurrent technology.

Known on the red carpet as a 5 Minute Face-lift!

The NuFACE® Trinity device comes standard with the Trinity Facial Trainer Attachment. It combines the science of Microcurrent Technology and advanced proprietary engineering into safe, easy to use, handheld facial toning device. NuFACE devices are the first and only handheld microcurrent devices FDA-cleared for facial stimulation. Using the same technology used by aesthetic professionals, you can regain firmer muscles, tighter skin, lifted brows, contoured cheekbones and a more defined jaw line in as little as 5 minutes a day. It’s like having your very own Pilates trainer for your face!

Combine the benefits of Microcurrent and LED!

Trinity Wrinkle Remover

The Trinity Wrinkle Remover is a red LED photo-therapy attachment for the NuFACE Trinity Facial Toning Device. The attachment is engineered with advanced LEDs to deliver a precise combination of Red and Infrared lights to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

A Synergistic Relationship

The beauty of having both attachments is that you can treat your skin in two different ways, working from the inside out (Trinity Facial Trainer) and from the outside in (Trinity Wrinkle Remover). Think of them as your own personal anti-aging team using them at your own convenience to achieve youthful looking skin.

What else you should know:

The Trinity Wrinkle Remover has a skin sensor shield which enables use with serums to maximize your results. 

Tiba Nu has paired the NuFace Trinity and the Trinity Wrinkle Remover with the best skin products available to create our Absolu NuFACE® system! 

Special Offer at



Wedding Season Has Arrived

Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life.  It’s a day that should be perfect, beautiful, and memorable. Brides enter this day either feeling tense and tired or relaxed and excited.  What’s the deciding factor between these two states? Stress.

TIBA Nu has created spa packages specifically designed for brides to prepare them for their big day in a stress-free environment.  These packages feature relaxing spa services focused on balancing the mind and treating your body with unique skin treatments.  A bride will leave TIBA Nu feeling at ease, pampered, beautiful, and ready to take on her big day! In addition, TIBA Nu can arrange a very special bridal shower event for the wedding party.

TIBA Nu recommends a consultation and facial selected specifically for your skin type at least one month prior to your wedding, to look your best on the big day. The original TIBA Nu Bride package is perfect for the week before the wedding. It includes the Beauty Flash Facial to tighten, brighten, and cleanse facial skin, the TIBA Nu Signature Gommage to smooth and exfoliate the entire body, the Aromatherapy Bath to relax muscles and release harmful toxins, a Half Hour Manicure and One Hour Pedicure for flawless looking nails, a Makeup Application with tips for your wedding day, and finally, a delicious TIBA Nu bistro lunch of fresh, gourmet food.  This luxurious 4 1/2 hour spa experience is the perfect step to prepare a bride for her wedding!

Additionally, TIBA Nu offers bridal makeup consultation and application for your wedding day. Our makeup artists use only high quality, makeup lines and are fully trained and skilled in the latest trends and application techniques.  You may also choose to have your makeup application done by Nuhad, the owner and lead aesthetician of TIBA Nu.

Whether it is your big day, or the big day of someone you know, this is the perfect pre-wedding ‘treat’ for a bride.

Learn more about our various Bridal Services

Call and make an appointment for you or a bride you know today: 615-269-5121



Boost your wellness through purifying!

Binchotan charcoal is the natural way to boost overall wellness!  The history of charcoal-making in Japan goes back several thousand years and is admired worldwide. Made by artisans in the Kishu region of Japan using Ubame Oak branches, Binchotan charcoal is activated through an extremely high burning temperature and rapid cooling process. Because it has very small pores, this charcoal has a remarkable ability to absorb.


Known as the best quality charcoal for purifying water and air, Binchotan Charcoal can be used in so many ways: 

Purifying water. Simply add to a pitcher of water for several hours. It helps absorbs chemicals in tap water and releases natural minerals and minimizes the molecules in water. Drinking water will taste clean and be free of odors. It also increases the ph level.

Purifying air: Captures moisture and odors when placed in your environment. Binchotan’s characteristic with its upstanding electrical conductivity is known to block some harmful electromagnetic wave and helps to create healthier living. 

In the kitchen. Helps retain the taste of the foods and eliminates unpleasant smells when added to a cooker or steamer. It can also be used in pieces as a highly effective deodorizer inside the fridge.   

In your bath.  Add to a hot bath and it enhances blood circulation and leaves your body warm and relaxed afterward.  

Reusable, Recyclable and All Natural!

Binchotan Charcoal is reusable by simply boiling 10 minutes every two weeks and can last several months. Recycle old charcoal by adding broken pieces to garden soil to create air and water passage and increase microbe activity.


Find out more about Binchotan Charcoal and these additional products designed to balance, detox and purify!

Binchotan Facial Soap

Binchotan Facial Puff

Binchotan Eye Mask

Binchotan Scrub Towel

Binchotan Pumice Stone

Binchotan Toothbrush



Tiba Nu Dream Team: Meet Yamen

Yamen Dak - Hair Stylist

Yamen is an elite hair stylist and entrepreneur, with a portfolio of celebrities and high profile personalities including Nicole Kidman, Heather Graham, Nelly Furtado, Ivana Trump, Dean Armstrong and Bryan Colangelo, and a career that spans Beirut, Paris, New York, Toronto, Los Angeles and Nashville.

Born in Beirut, he was influenced from an early age by that cosmopolitan city’s style and fashion. At the age of 13 he began working after school in his brother’s high-end salon. He studied psychology at University in Beirut, but was drawn to Paris, where he graduated from the Dessange Training Academy.

While in Paris, he worked for the Elite Model Agency, styling hair for fashion shows, theatre and television. He was also a trainer at Tony & Guy. Yamen’s talent gained recognition, which led to his move to New York and Toronto. In Toronto, he styles hair for Fashion Week and the Toronto International Film Festival. He continues to travel to Nashville to work at Dessange, at ultrachic Tiba Nu spa.

After working for several prestigious salons in the city, the next step was inevitable; he knew had to open his own salon. Yada, located in Toronto’s tony Yorkville district, quickly gained national and local attention, and was featured in magazines including the City Post and Toronto Life.

Yamen’s extraordinary talent and enthusiasm for bringing out each client’s best look, combined with his people skills and absence of “attitude”, continues to draw clients including celebrities and notables.

Today, Yamen continues working and managing his busy salon, while attracting new clients to Dessange at Tiba Nu in Nashville, Tennessee. His next goal; to create a new product line.  

Watch Yamen create three beautiful, easy-care styles for Tiba Nu clients:


Contact Tiba Nu to make an appointment with Yamen. (615) 269-5121



Old World Benefits, New World Luxury (Part Two)

Tiba Nu Lux Hinoki Bania 

This treatment goes above and beyond to immerse you in the pleasures of the old world! Originating from Russia, this treatment aims to restore mental and physical purity and health to the body.  



This five part, indulgent ritual includes our cedar infrared sauna, stimulating white oak branches, a Russian massage, a eucalyptus steam honey wrap, a cleansing loofah gommage, and is finished off with a waterfall steam rinse and a contrast hydro soak in our custom designed, Hinoki cypress tub. One 90 minute treatment of the Hinoki Bania removes 0.5 to 1.5 liters of water from the body, eliminating up to 180 toxic organisms! 


Benefits: improves immune system, pain relief, improves metabolism, detoxifies, reduces cardiovascular diseases, reduces production of cellulite and burns fat, calms nervous system, relieves stress and fatigue.


Read more about these exclusive TIBA Nu treatments on the website, and schedule an appointment by calling (615) 269-5121.

Read Part One – Thai Balancing Body Treatment, Old World Hammam Experience



Tiba Nu Dream Team: Meet Fryda

Fryda Herrera - Colorist


After growing up in Mexico, Fryda arrived in New York in 1988 and became a certified cosmetologist at the Learning Institute for Beauty Sciences in 1995.

From the beginning, Fryda aspired to work in the best salons and began her career at Pierre Michel Haute Coiffure & Beaute. She expanded her knowledge during the next 16 years working in high end salons including Serge Normant at John Frieda Beauty and Spas, Frederic Fekkai at 5th Avenue and Dessange Paris. She is now proud to be working at the iconic Red Door Spas and Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue. Fryda commutes monthly from New York to offer her services exclusively to Dessange at Tiba Nu in Nashville.

Fryda’s passion for glamour and fashion led her to become an expert hair colorist using the Dessange Paris balayage technique. She continuously attends beauty seminars and conventions worldwide to ensure her technique is up to date. Fryda’s hard work has proven in that her constant aim is to be one of the best coiffeurs in the beauty world.

Fryda works with each client to create a unique look and personalized hair color with rich dimensional shades for a natural look. She has notable, celebrity clientele like Paula Zahn, Diana Krall, Dolores O’Riordan, and Silvia Lemus. Her work has been acknowledged in Vogue and Marie Claire.

In addition, Fryda is kind, sweet and extremely talented! She makes sure that her clients receive the luxury service and attention they deserve. Each client is a VIP!

Contact Tiba Nu to make an appointment with Fryda for your next visit. (615) 269-5121